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Electrical Services

  •  Industrial, Commercial, and Marine electrical services and support.
  •  Industrial Motor Control troubleshooting. Design and Build-Blueprints to Construction. Auto Cad Certified. Documentation, electrical surveys, singleline diagrams, and control circuits.
  • Motor Control Centers, new electrical services, automatic transfer switches, electrical distribution and maintenance of systems, electro-mechanical devices, cranes, and conveyor systems.
  •  Installation and repair of panels, transformers, and all types of switchgear to 600 volts.
  •  Retro-Fitting and modernization of Power Systems, power monitor, and recording meters.
  •  Large conduit bending, threading, and installation.
  •  Comprehensive maintenance services of office and factory electrical systems, electrical machines, and conveying systems.
  • Crane services: maintenance, troubleshooting, assembly and re-assembly of electrical systems.

Lighting Services

  • Parking Lot and Building surveys and maintenance programs. Documentation of outages with aerial photos attached to drawings.
  • Retrofit old technology with new energy efficient fixtures with rebates and tax incentive opportunities.Electronic timers and photocell packages for total light control and energy conservation.
  • We offer our 40' Bucket truck for last minute service calls

Construction and Maintenance Services

Once our customers approve our design plans, our employees are on-site to build the system. Whether construction or maintenance, our employees are trained to keep our customers informed as to what to expect in terms of: time to completion, arrival of equipment, noise and any other factors that may interfere with a customers on-going business processes or other construction projects. We strive to listen and respond to any of our customers concerns or questions while on-site.

One of the most important commitments we make to our customers is to complete their construction projects on time and according to the bid budget. Our bids will not be the lowest, but we guarantee that they are an honest assessment of the costs required to complete a job. We do acknowledge that during construction there are times that surprises do occur, but up front evaluation and proper planning privide a better understanding of the construction process and its risks.

All of our customers are business owners. Their jobs are to run their business. Our job is to run their power systems, to provide them with a reliable power distribution system and control equipment. That is what our maintenance services are designed to do: Protect our customers from interruptions in their business. At Estenson Electrical Enterprise, Inc., we work with our customers to set up a maintenance plan that will ensure all of their electrical systems will safely operate at the highest level of efficiency possible.

  • Design and Build- Auto Cad Certified- Blueprints to Construction on Industrial, Marine and Commercial Projects both New Construction and Tenant Improvement
  • Design and Installation- Motor Control Centers, Automatic Transfer Switches, Electrical Distribution Systems, Electrical Machines, Cranes, Conveyor Systems
  • Installation and repair of panels, transformers, and all types of switchgear to 600 volts
  • Retro-fitting and Modernization of Power Systems, Power Monitor and Recording Meters
  • Large Conduit Bending and Installation, Welding and Fabrication of Electrical Apparatus, Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Comprehensive Maintenance services of Office and Plant Electrical Systems, Electrical Machines, Conveyor Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Commercial and Industrial Solar Construction and Maintenance Projects
  • Crane Services: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Assembly and Re-Assembly of Electrical Systems


At Estenson Electrical Enterprise, Inc., we bepeve in providing superior quapty services for our customers. We also bepeve in transparency and charging a fair price for our services, so we want you to know up front what to expect. For that reason, our pricing schedule is psted below. When we provide a bid for you, you can also count on seeing a complete breakdown of costs. We do not bepeve in unfairly surprising our customers.

Labor Rate: $95.00/hr

After Hours Rate: $135.00/hr

Per diem: $75.00/day per man (if applicable)

Scissor Lift Rate: $150.00/day

Threading Rate: $50.00/day per complete set

2-4” Camtrack Bender: $75.00/day

1/2-2” Rotary Bender: 75.00/day

Wire Pullers: $125.00/day “Super Tuggers”

Wire Feeder: $75.00/day

Auto CAD Drafting: $95.00/hr

Bucket truck $475.00/day